* Listening to the client for

     * client goals

     * understanding client motivation

* Working hard to develop facts

* Keeping the client informed of progress

* Putting over 40 years of experience to use


Areas of Practice

Automobile Accidents



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If you have an accident, at the scene:

  • Don’t admit that you did anything wrong

  • Do tell the police officer what happened

  • Do take photographs of the vehicles with your phone before the vehicles are moved

  • Do take photographs of all sides of your car

  • Do get insurance information from the other drivers

  • If you are hurt, Do go to the hospital

  • Do locate and get contact information of witnesses

  • Do get the accident report number from the police officer

  • Do contact your liability insurance company immediately

Medical Treatment and Condition

  • Do go to the emergency room if you are hurt in the accident

  • Do follow up with your doctor if you continue to have pain. Don’t try to be tough. Delay in treatment suggests a minor injury when that may not be the case.

  • Do keep a diary on a weekly basis giving a summary of the effect of your injury on your daily life. Include in that statement visits to Dr., physical therapy or other health care providers. Also include limitations have because of the injury.

Do contact a lawyer and bring with you the following

  • The Accident Report or the accident report number

  • A copy of the face sheet of your liability insurance policy

  • The photos you took at the scene of the accident

  • The contact information of drivers and witnesses

  • A copy of your help insurance card

  • A copy of any correspondence from insurance adjusters

  • A copy of beginning of your diary